Shodan Theory Exam Part 3
12. Given you will have Japanese characters written on your belt, you should know what is there. Which of the above kanji represent the word "karate"? *
13. Describe (2-4 sentences) two interpretations of the kanji “Kara” from karate. Hint, one physical and one “zen” in nature. (1 mark) *
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14. What does the term "Osu" translate to? *
15. What does the term "Shomen ni rei" translate to? *
16. What does the term "dojo" translate to? *
17. What does the term "Taisabaki" translate to? *
18. Pooled data on women's assault derived from strangers has a strike to grapple ratio of: *
19. Pooled data on men's non-law enforcement based assault has a strike to grapple ratio of what? Define grappling as anything more than a one hand grab (ie. at least two successive grabs or two hands involved)... *
20. Excluding impact techniques (punch, kick, head butt) , what is the most likely category of technique which is likely to cause an injury needing medical treatment? *
21. When a tooth is knocked out what is the best places to store it until getting to a dentist? *
22. Concussion can occur when? Select the best answer... *
23. The founder of Goju karate was: *
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24. I am more likely to knock someone out by *
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25. "Arm bars" often cause injuries in street fighting *
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26. Data suggests that standing "arm bars" have a low incidence in: *
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27. Over 90% of fight injuries for men needing medical treatement are related to impact/strikes. *
28. Write a lesson plan to teach a white belt in their first Karate lesson (with time allocation). (4 Marks) *
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