2018 Women's STARS Team Application
(Sacrifice, Trust, Adoration, Reconciliation, Service)

The goal of the STARS Retreat is: to celebrate God's love in Jesus Christ; to grow as one who knows Him and follows Him, and to shine the light of new life that Jesus gives in a setting of solitude, prayer, worship, and fellowship, using clear teaching and powerful inspiration. The women's fall retreat is October 4-7, 2018, and the cost is $200. To register, fill out the form below. If you have questions, please email stars@concordia.cc.

PLEASE NOTE: We need the team to make all of the meetings, but certainly understand that some things come up beyond our control that may prevent you from making a meeting. Team members need to attend 8 out of the 10 meetings and MUST commit to being with the team at church and during the retreat for the entire time (Thursday 10:00 a.m. thru Sunday 1:00 p.m.)

We are also looking for new testimonies to be shared!

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If you are chosen to serve on the team and you are willing to share your testimony, please provide a short paragraph about it.
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Would you be able to attend the 10 retreat meetings leading up to the retreat, and remain at the retreat center during the entire weekend? Full weekend participation is required to serve on team. *
Please select your preferences to serve:

- This group meets all of the needs of the retreatants during the weekend.
- This group is in charge of all food and beverage needs of the retreatants.
Table Leaders/Assistant Table Leaders
- Responsible for leading and facilitating discussion at tables throughout the weekend.

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Please select the ministry in order of your preference:

- This is a live drama of Christ's final steps to the cross.
Upper Room
- This is a live drama of the Last Supper.
- This is a light meal (bread, cheese, grapes, and grape juice) and an evening of
fellowship. It is a time for retreatants to share what the weekend has meant to them.

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I understand that submitting this application is just the first step of the selection process and does not guarantee me a spot on the STARS team. If I am selected, I will be contacted as soon as the team is finalized.
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