SOMT Snowshoe Coach Certification Quiz
This quiz must be completed every 3 years by all coaches wishing to be re-certified in this sport.
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How long is a traditional snowshoe course? *
Should be the 25 meter, 50 meter, and 100 meter events be run in a curved or straight line? *
Are any additions or modifications to the traction of a snowshoe allowed? Such as adding "spikes?" *
When does time stop as an athlete finishes the race? *
If an athlete impedes another competitor at any time during a race, will the offending athlete be disqualified? *
How many unified teammates should be on a four person relay team? *
Is the usage of a baton mandatory for relay events? *
If a guide runner is needed, may the guide run in front of the athlete? *
How long does an athlete have to resume racing if he/she goes off course or has an equipment malfunction? *
Are school aged programs allowed to purchase smaller than regulation snowshoes for younger athletes, if they receive permission from the Special Olympics Montana Sports Department? *
Which of the following statements are true in regards to filing a protest? *
Where can coaching guides and other helpful sports resources be found? *
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