Erasmus+ Training Course

Arrival November 17th; departure November 24th 2018
Korneuburg, Austria

The project is based on sharing experience, all participants will be actively involved in the TC. Together we will be addressing the challenges, but also looking for solutions.

With this TC we would like to motivate youth workers:

1: To continue with their work - by discussing with them the challenges they face and guide them in understanding their target group. Having expectations, which do not correspond the needs of the
target group often leads to discouragement, therefore it is essential to differ between one’s own expectations and the actual needs or wishes of the target group.

2: To learn – by providing them with information on where to find literature and look for training opportunities. Youth workers, who know how to tackle the challenges by attending training courses
and educating themselves, will have less problems with loosing motivation.

3: To address their struggles openly - by encouraging the entire group to share their experiences and discover different approaches of dealing with difficult situations. When sharing the experience, youth
workers will discover that they are not alone with their struggles. We will establish a platform, where the group will be able to stay connected even after the project. In this way participants will have a
platform to discuss challenges and ask for an advice. Since we believe, that there is no universal recipe for motivating the others, we are not only implementing workshops, which should help regaining motivation, but most importantly bring a group of different minds together to discuss, support and inspire each other.

4: To use the gained knowledge in their daily work when motivating participants and developing inclusive projects.

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Reimbursement travel costs per person: Sint Maarten (dutch part) up to 820 EUR / FYROM, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany up to 275 EUR / Slovenia, Poland and Austria up to 180 EUR. Only actual costs as stated with travel documents will be reimbursed. *
PRIVACY STATEMENT For the application process we need your basic data (first name, gender, age, country you live in and e-mail). The purpose of this data collection is: to identify applicants; to manage the selection procedures of project applications under the Erasmus+ Programme. Your data will be disclosed to staff of InterAktion and partner country organisations. After the selection process and in case you should not be selected, your data will be deleted. In case you are among selected participants and will attend the TC, we will need further personal data for the purposes of the project which will be communicated with the Austrian National Agency and the European Commission: to establish anonymous statistics about applicants, partner promoters, participants and projects; to fulfil the obligations and responsibilities relating to monitoring, evaluation and reporting ; to disseminate the project results through the appropriate Erasmus+ IT tools. Data referring to your application are stored in a database and used for the management of the project life-cycle including monitoring, reporting, evaluation and auditing purposes as well as project dissemination. *
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