Reasoning Quiz
Choose the best answer.  The answers are meant to be of a simple nature so don't overthink them.
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Question 1
Question 1 *
Look at this drawing of two cans of juice. Which will pour more easily?
Question 2
Question 2 *
 Which of these new shirts is more likely to shrink if washed in hot water?
Question 3
Question 3 *
If a car and a bowling ball were thrown off a 100 foot cliff at the same time, which would hit the ground first?
Question 4
Question 4 *
If a cannon fires a cannonball horizontally and you drop a cannonball at the same time, which will hit the ground first?
Question 5
Question 5 *
You tie a string to the ceiling and attach a weight to the end. You hold the weight next to your face but not touching it and then let go. The weight swings down and away from you and then starts swinging back toward you. If you do not move, will it hit you?
Question 6
Question 6 *
You put the same amount of weight at the end of these two pendulums. If you let go of the two pendulums at the same time, which will swing back and forth more times in a minute?
Question 7
Question 7 *
These children weigh the same. Will this seesaw balance?
Question 8
Question 8 *
Which of these pairs of magnets will stick together in the positions they are in?
Question 9
Question 9 *
Which of these show how the poles are arranged on horseshoe magnets?
Question 10
Question 10 *
Which ball would bounce higher if dropped from the same height?
Question 11
Question 11 *
At the top is a drawing of a glass container holding water and oil. If you add more water what would it look like?
Question 12
Question 12 *
These stools are the same height. Which is more likely to tip over when an active child sits on it?
Question 13
Question 13 *
If the shopping cart was moving in the direction of the big arrow and then you stopped it suddenly, which way would the milk carton fall?
Question 14
Question 14 *
Which battery has the higher voltage?
Question 15
Question 15 *
Which wheels are turning in the same direction as wheel 4?
Question 16
Question 16 *
Which wrench will make it easier to tighten the bolt?
Question 17
Question 17 *
Lightning strikes at one end of a city. You are at the other end of the city.  Would you hear the thunder or see the lightning first?
Question 18
Question 18 *
Which slide will give the faster ride?
Question 19
Question 19 *
Will this bulb light up?
Question 20
Question 20 *
You want to lift this pole off the ground and carry it using one hand. Where should you pick it up to be able to carry it most easily?
Question 21
Question 21 *
In this typical traffic signal, which light is the red one?
Question 22
Question 22 *
The girl wants to swing fast. After she gets up to full speed, on which swing will she cover more distance in 1 minute?
Question 23
Question 23 *
You start with two slices of bread that are exactly the same. You toast slice B. Which slice weighs more now?
Question 24
Question 24 *
How far should you open the scissors so it is easier to cut a piece of cardboard?
Question 25
Question 25 *
Which wheel is turning faster?
Question 26
Question 26 *
Which button should you push to close the doors of an elevator?
Question 27
Question 27 *
Which light bulb gets hotter?
Question 28
Question 28 *
Which bulb will light up?
Question 29
Question 29 *
Which way will the fishing line hang when the fishing rod is tilted?
Question 30
Question 30 *
Which stick is easier to balance on the palm of your hand?
Question 31
The bathroom scale reads 50 pounds.  What is the weight of the  trailer receiver?
Question 31 *
The bathroom scale reads 50 pounds.  What is the force in pounds of the trailer receiver?
Question 32 *
A tire and wheel cost $1.10.  The tire costs one dollar more than the wheel.  How much does the wheel cost?
Question 33 *
If it takes 6 welders 6 minutes each to make 6 frames, how long would it take 120 welders to make 120 frames?
Question 34 *
In a field, there is a group of corn. The corn doubles in size every day. If it takes 34 days for the entire field to be covered in corn, then how long would it take for the corn to cover half of the field?
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