Join the movement - #nonewjune
The global textile industry is responsible for producing more CO2 per year than international flights and maritime shipping combined. In the UK, we are some of the biggest shoppers, buying more clothes than any other European country and sending an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill every year.

But it is not all doom and gloom because we can do something to change this! #nonewjune asks people of Manchester, and across the UK to join us in pledging not to buy any new clothes for the month of June. Everyone who signs up is still able to buy second hand and will be supported through their pledge with helpful tips on how to shop more sustainably and care for your clothes.

By taking one small action you will be contributing to a wider community of actions taking place across Manchester and the UK!

Your data will be stored safely and securely, not sold onto any other parties and will be used only to contact you in relation to this campaign and monitor our campaign's success.

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