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We are very excited to meet you at Brainhack Donostia 2021 🎉. To submit a project, you must be a Brainhack Donostia 2021 attendee (

After the project is submitted, we will review your submission and prepare it to be made public under the Brainhack Global scope. This should give your project visibility and may be of help to recruit contributors. At the same time, we will use the information provided on this form to provide Brainhack Donostia attendees with their top 3 matching projects. We hope

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Please add current collaborators within your proposed project
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Add a brief description of the project. Try to include all the relevant information to answer the following questions: What are you doing, for who, and why; What makes your project special and exciting; A short example; How to get started; Where to find key resources
Data to use
If your project uses existing data, add a short description of the data and a link to its source
Link to project/repository
If your project already exists, please provide a link to project repository/sources (e.g., Github link):
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Add a list of milestones or deliverables that you expect to achieve during the event. Try to provide goals of varying complexity for contributors with different sets of skills
First tasks
In case you already have an initial list of tasks for the project, please add them to help potential contributors deciding whether they want to collaborate.
What will participants learn? *
In order to make your project appeal to participants of all levels, it is very important that you provide a list of skills that participants would acquire by working on your project. Folks that take part in Brainhacks for the first time usually find projects a little intimidating, make sure you make it appealing for them too!
Communication channels
In case you have project channels in Slack, Mattermost or other, please add them here.
Video channel
Please write here the communication channel you will be using to work collaboratively. Please add only your communication preference (Zoom, Jitsi, Twitch, etc.), and do not share the your channel link. Once you set up your project communication channel (Slack, Mattermost, etc.), make sure you write the link of the video channel at the header of the channel for your attendees to know.
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Please mark an estimation of the number of collaborators that would suffice to carry out your project
Credit to collaborators *
We would like to think about how you will credit and onboard new members to your project. If you’d like to share your thoughts with future project participants, you can include information about: 1)Specify how you will acknowledge contributions (e.g. listing members on a contributing page). 2) Provide links to onboarding documents if you have some.
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