Health, Well-being, and Job Satisfaction Survey for Athletic Administrators
Below is a survey asking about your overall health, well-being, and job satisfaction in your role as an athletic administrator. Please take a few moments to answer the questions below. This is an anonymous survey. The results of this survey will be shared among NHADA Executive Board members in preparation for breakout sessions at our December Holiday Luncheon meeting. We want to provide you, as athletic administrators, with the necessary tools to be successful, healthy, and happy in your respective roles. We want you to have a long career in athletic administration and some changes may be needed in order to make that happen. Thank you for your time.
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In my position, I am responsible for the following level(s):
1. How many years have you served as an athletic administrator?
2. On average, how many hours per week do you work in your role as an athletic administrator?
3. How much time beyond your “normal” work-day is spent on athletic related issues? (texts, emails, phone calls, etc. after you leave the office)
4. On a scale of 1-10 (1 is not happy at all, 10 is ecstatic) how happy are you in your current role as an athletic administrator?
5. On average, when you do have uninterrupted sleep, how many hours do you get each night?
6. Do you ever have restless sleep or wake in the night concerned about an athletic-related issue?
7. If you answered yes to questions # 6, please indicate how often this occurs:
8. Do you feel that you have an appropriate work-life balance?
9. Do you feel that your family/home life suffers because of your job?
10. Do you feel healthy?
11. Do you feel stressed because of your job?
12. If you answered "yes" or "sometimes" to question # 11, please indicate the cause(s) Check all that apply.
13. If you do have stress, do you manage it in a healthy way?
14. Do you exercise? (30-60 minutes of moderate aerobic activity)
15. If you answered yes to question # 14, what is the frequency?
16. Does your diet support a healthy life-style?
17. Do you have any unhealthy life-style habits that you have developed because of this job?
18. If you answered yes to question #17 please check all that apply.
19. On which of the following topics would you want additional information to help you better manage stress/unhealthy life-style habits? Please check all that apply.
20. How frequently do you receive positive feedback/recognition from your administration?
21. Do you feel valued by the following in your school district? Check all that apply.
22. Does your school system provide you with the tools,technologies, and resources to do you job well?
23. Does your administration communicate clearly and effectively with you regarding athletic-related matters?
24. Do you feel supported by your administration, especially during times of conflict? (parent/guardian issues, budget issues, staffing issues, etc.)
25. What help would you want from your administration to make your job better or more manageable?
26. What help would you want from the colleagues in your division to make your job better or more manageable?
27. What help would you want from the NHADA to make your job better or more manageable?
28. What help would you want from the NHIAA to make your job better or more manageable?
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