Tustin Adult School Registration Spring 2022
Please complete this form to begin your registration to Tustin Adult School for Spring 2022. Spring 2022 Semester is Monday, January 10 to Friday, May 20. Once your registration form has been verified by Tustin Adult School Staff, you will be emailed a link to schedule the assessment component of your registration. The office will begin sending out the link to schedule the assessment on December 2. After December 2, the process to verify and send the link could take 1-2 business days.
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The demographic information you provide will be used to contact you by staff and teachers and provide statistics on the student population attending Tustin Adult School.
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In this section, you will share about your past educational experience before attending Tustin Adult School.
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Emergency Contact
Emergencies are unplanned and expected. Please provide information below that could be used in case you are involved in an emergency, such as who you want Tustin Adult School to contact and any/all information you wish for us to provide medical personnel.
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Classes and Technology Access
As Governor Newsom has ordered California schools to not reopen physically until counties are removed from the watch list, Tustin Adult School will deliver classes online for Fall 2020. Please answer these questions to help Tustin Adult School determine how to support students during the fall.
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