Movement of Youth: J.U.S.T Global Fellowship Application
Witness for Peace Southeast (Nicaragua)
June 30 - July 11, 2018
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II. Health Information
Negative answers to the following questions will not necessarily prevent you from participating in the J.U.S.T. Global

Fellowship. Your response will help us in assessing your special needs and allow us to take measure that would reduce

the risks of serious health matters during the course of the delegation. Please note that Movement of Youth is not

responsible for health issues that may occur during the fellowship.

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III. Personal Reference & Emergency Contact
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Please provide an emergency contact – this person will need to be given emergency contact information before you leave for the fellowship. (Name/relationship/telephone) *
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IV. Experience
Have you traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean? *
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What is your Spanish language ability? (For Nicaragua applicants)
Describe your experience with human rights, social justice, environmental, or other organizations that are committed to social change. *
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Describe your experience working with young people (your peers or youth younger than yourself). *
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Values and Commitment Essays – Please answer questions thoroughly on a separate sheet of paper. Submit to
1. J.U.S.T. Global Fellowship explores social justice on a global level. What do you believe is the most pressing social

justice issue today and why?

2. How do you plan to be a contributing member during J.U.S.T Global Fellowship?

3. What do you hope to gain from participating in J.U.S.T. Global Fellowship?

4. If you could teach youth in another country or culture, what would be the topic and key message(s) you would convey.

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(NOTE: The above is not a waiver of liability. Delegates and parents [if delegate is under 18] will need to complete a waiver of liability form before departure.)
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