Wellness Needs of Women Veteran Leaders
Questions to address the health and wellness needs of women veteran leaders.

Please consider these 6 aspects of health and wellness - eating well, daily movement (physical activity), sleep quality, stress management, connection with others, and sense of purpose - when replying to the questions.

Thank you.
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How many years did you serve in the military?
Are you a part of VA Healthcare?
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Your Health and Wellness
What is your number one health and wellness goal?
What's most important to you (consider core values)?
What motivates you (or will motivate you) to take action to improve your health and wellness?
Identify 3 main frustrations with regards to your health and wellness?
Lifestyle practices and health habits are among the nation’s most important health determinants. Changing unhealthy behaviors is foundational to medical care, disease prevention, and health promotion. Which health behavior do you struggle with most?
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Has your health and wellness affected the way you lead/serve others? In what way?
What obstacles (within your control) are stopping you from reaching your wellness goals?
What is your biggest worry that could happen if you don’t make a change with your current health frustrations?
What would you gain if all your frustrations were gone?
What would be the main reason you'd seek help to reach your number one health and wellness goal?
When seeking help, what type of program would benefit you most?
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Anything else you'd like for me to know to better serve the wellness needs of women veteran leaders?
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