Call out for participants: NuoraNORD
NuoraNORD is a one year project for young circus companies and communities in the Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania with an ambition to become established and increase their international capacity. Coordinated by CircusInfo Finland, NuoraNORD aims to contribute to the development of sustainable structures of production for circus companies from the Baltic-Nordic region.

Via this open call two producers/artists (working within a producing capacity) will be selected to participate. Thus, the aim of the project is also to create new international connections between participating producers/artists in order to lay solid foundations for future collaboration.

We are looking for producers (2 from Latvia, 2 from Lithuania, 2 from Finland and 2 from Sweden).

Please note that in an addition to the below dates there will be an additional workshop in Sweden Jan/Feb -2019: for Production structures in Circus group - production tools and models.

For more information:

For further questions and information contact Isabel Gonzalez on

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Deadline to apply from Sweden and Latvia is extended: 23rd of February 2018 24:00 ECT+2
(Updated 14.2.2018)
Deadline 14th of February 2018 24:00 ECT+2 is valid for applicants from Finland and Lithuania.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions and your intrest in NuoraNORD.
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact Isabel Gonzalez on
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