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As an 18-digit unique ID, activate the Discode Settings - Display - Developer Mode and right-click your profile to get the "Copy ID" menu.
Invitation link to the server to which InFi-EYE applies *
Please set the expiration date : No expiration period | Maximum number of uses : No limit.
Are you the founder (chief administrator) or streamer of the server you want to apply the bot to? *
The general administrator or streamer manager, not the server founder (chief administrator) or streamer himself, cannot invite InFi-EYE Bot.
The InFi-EYE bot requires an administrator role and can create 4 channels and 1 role, additionally 1 channel and 1 role on initial operation. Do you confirm and agree to this content? *
The InFi-EYE bot will proceed with global blocking to the people below. Do you confirm and agree to this content? *
Real Money Trading (RMT) Seller, Buyer, Related Discord Resident | Illegal Program (Cheat) Seller, Buyer, Related Discord Resident | Game File Modulator affecting real gameplay | Macro User | Account suspended by official game companies for no reason | A person who has committed other acts in violation of the terms and conditions of the game
How did you know the InFi-EYE bot? *
The person who recommended it, tell me the community.
Urgent Contact
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Please complete the survey and contact us at the discode MSI-InFi#3260. *
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