Branch Role Candidate Statements
Members Statements to stand for elected officer position in the Gorgie/Dalry Branch Committee
Please make a statement outlining why you want to stand for an officer position in your branch.
If you can't decide, select several roles you would like to do and this is something you can discussed with fellow elected officers during your Branch Committee.
More than one person can be elected in for all the roles, excluding chair and secretary.
What role(s) are you standing for? *
Your Name & Email *
Short Candidate Statement: why do you want to stand for a position in the Gorgie/Dalry Branch? *
Can you make it to the launch on 4.12.20 at 6pm? *
If no, can the chair read out your statement?
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Do you have any questions? text Sinead on 07593128079 or answer here.
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