GSSA Bank Account Requests
This is where you can request:

a NEW troop account

CHANGES to an existing account ( ADD OR REMOVE SIGNERS )

to CLOSE an account

All bank account signers must be volunteers who have been:
-registered as members,
-approved (background checked),
-have COMPLETED/UPDATED Leadership/Financial TRAINING

Primary Signer on the Account - Last Name
as shown on your driver's license and background check
First Name
What do you want to do?
Service Unit #
Troop #
Email Address
Cell #
List ALL signers by name, position, email and indicate whether each should stay on the account, need to be added or removed. (Listing signers who are not registered, approved, and trained will delay the process until those tasks are completed.)
Have any of the signers had financial difficulties that have resulted in being prosecuted for a bad check, a home foreclosure or declared bankruptcy? If so, please list name, date and description of the financial issue. (If you are completing this request, you need to ask each signer.)
Have you contacted the representative from your Service Unit who must sign on the account?
list name and email address
New accounts will be opened at TrustMark Bank branches. Exceptions may be made in a few geographical areas where there are no TrustMark Bank branches.
Branch Address
Bank Branch Phone #
Please list the day and time signers prefer to go to the bank
Other information or comments
For changes being made to existing accounts, list the last four digits of that account number
ALL signers need to complete this financial agreement
Clear selection
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