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All new incoming students are required to attend one orientation program. The orientation programs are one day events (with the exception of Coker Connection) designed to give new students a head start on their academic experience at Coker. During the Summer Orientation programs, new students will complete the English Placement Exam/Writing Assessment, begin the academic advising experience, register for fall classes, and meet with future classmates. Students may choose from the following options:

Option 1: Coker Connection (Extended Summer Orientation, $150 per student covers stay in residence halls, meals, and activities) *This event is for students only
June 25-27, 2017
Coker Connection is Coker’s optional extended summer orientation program for incoming freshmen. Held in June, it’s an intense, three-day/two-night experiential learning program that gives students the opportunity to connect with fellow freshmen, stay in residence halls and explore campus before classes begin. The program concentrates on goal setting and relationship building in an effort to position students for a successful start to their Coker College career. For more details, visit: https://coker.edu/connection.
Contact Caroline Fulghum, Coordinator for the Student Experience, at cfulghum@coker.edu for more information.

Option 2: Summer Orientation - if you can't make one of the earlier dates, Summer orientation will be your last chance before move-in to get all of these items taken care of.
Saturday, July 29, 2017
Contact Sarah Jeffery, Campus Visit Coordinator, at sjeffery@coker.edu for more information.

Please select which orientation event you would like to attend.
Please note, You only need to attend one of the options.
Please select this option if you are interested in attending Coker Connection. This Orientation cost $150
Please note, You only need to attend one of the options.
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