UC Bike Room Registration
Current students, faculty and staff may use the University Center Bike Room on the L2 level, but must register using this form every fall, spring, and summer to gain access. Use the service elevator to move your bike through the building.
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Last Name *
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N Number *
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Affiliation *
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Residence *
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Current Decal #
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Describe your bike use as it relates to campus (e.g. commute to school; live on campus and use bike regularly) *
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I will display my decal on the stem of the handlebars so that it faces the rider prior to using the Bike Room. *
I promise to only use one dock at a time, to lock my bike to appropriate devices, and to lock all my belongings to my bike. *
I promise to not leave anything behind when my bike is not present, allowing others to use the bike dock. *
I understand that this room is intended for parking and not long-term storage. I will remove/relocate my bike within 72 hours. *
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