Waimarino Golf Survey
Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey. we appreciate it.
This survey is a chance for you to share your thoughts with the club committee to help us make a better club for you.
1. Are you a current member?
1.a If so, what type?
1.b If no, were you ever a member?
1.c If you were a member, why did you leave?
2. How long have you been a member?
3. Do you think the Golf Membership Fee is fair?
4. Would you pay your membership online if it were possible?
5. What do you enjoy most about playing the course?
6. What would you change about the course? Tick your top 5.
7. What has been the best change, if any, to the club over the past 12 months?
8. What other Golf related activities would you like to see added?
9. Have you Played the 72 hole Tournament?
9.a If so, how often
9.b Did you play the 2018 tournament?
9.c If no, why not?
9.d What do you like about the tournament?
10. Other comments/ideas welcomed?
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