Global Shapers Kampala Hub Application
Thank you for your interest in Global Shapers Community Kampala. This form will help our selection committee get to know more about you, your leadership potential, ambitions and passions, what makes you tick and your quirk side. Please take a few minutes of your time to fill in this form. Please be as authentic as you possibly can so we can see the real you before we meet with you and we hope to have you in the Shaper family soon!
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Who are We?
In 2011, the World Economic Forum (WEF), recognising the immense value and potential of youth to improve the state of the world, established the Global Shapers Community, a community of motivated youth under the age of 33 who are exceptional in their talent and their leadership potential. Global Shapers are also dedicated to improving the state of the world by achieving positive change in their local communities through local and global solutions.

The Kampala Hub, which is Uganda's first chapter of the Global Shapers Community, is one such small group of youth from diverse backgrounds who strive to make a positive impact through projects and regular engagement with thought leaders.

The Kampala Hub meets regularly for substantive meetings, with additional meetings convened by individual Shapers in the context of projects.

The Kampala Hub is strongly grounded in values of democracy, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurial solution-seeking, and respect and responsibility towards each other.

What are we looking for?

Potential Shapers must be:

 Young open-minded, extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society, and with verifiable achievements.
 Between 20 and 29 years old at the time of nomination.
 From all walks of life and share a spirit of entrepreneurship in the global public interest.
 Highly committed, with passion and dynamism, to developing their leadership potential towards serving society and building a more sustainable, peaceful and inclusive world.
 Adhering to the highest standards of moral and intellectual integrity.
 Possessing unique qualities that distinctly set them apart from the mainstream.
 Entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial track record, having already initiated and delivered a major project or founded a company or organisation or having been in an influential position as part of a larger organisation, exceptionally contributing to serving society at large.
 Currently residing in Kampala.
 Ready to deeply and actively engage in the Shapers community, reinforcing its mission and objectives and supporting fellow Shapers in their individual and professional development.
 Ready to regularly engage in the Hub’s physical and virtual activities throughout the year.

What we’re NOT looking for is individuals looking to embellish their CVs, or aiming to use the Global Shapers Community brand or the World Economic Forum’s name for their own purposes.

Applicants from all sectors are encouraged to apply and encouraged to demonstrate the unique perspective, experiences, and skills that you would bring to the group.

The Selection Process:

A panel of Global Shapers will review the applications, and cast nominations for the interview stage. If you are selected for an interview, you will be requested to come for face to face interview or a Skype Call
If you pass the interview stage, and no objection is raised, you will be admitted to the Hub on a two-month probation basis, at the end of which your membership of the Global Shapers Community shall be confirmed.
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What do you think is the most important quality of a leader? Give an example of when you have demonstrated this quality. (200 words) *
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What is the most inspiring idea which you have come across or book which you have read or conversation which you have had? (max. 100 words) *
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What are your reasons for applying to be a Global Shaper? What do you expect to gain/contribute as part of your experience with the Global Shapers community? (max. 300 words) *
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What is your vision for Uganda in 10 years and what role do you want to play in achieving it? (max. 300 words) *
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What project idea, if any, would you like to implement as part of the Hub,should you be selected? This may include anything from hosting an event,carrying research to build the Hub’s internal knowledge base, or organizing an impact-oriented activity. (max. 100 words) *
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