Standhouder FOOD Reggae Geel 2020
Please thoroughly complete all the actions that your organisation undertakes to be eco-friendly and socially responsible
- Please propose a MINIMUM of 2 vegetarian options
- Please include pictures of your food stall ( food, staff and stall)
- Foodtrucks: if qualified you will need to send us your VINCOTTE or equivalent certification
- Tents: please include the tent fireproof certification

Please send the pictures and necessary documents to
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Do you have a food truck, tent or do you rent a professional tent? *
What is the official name of the enterprise? *
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What is your website / Facebook page? *
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Please give your menu + prices, separated bij a dot (.) *
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What actions do you do to be social and ecological responsible in your business? Answers can be done in your mother tongue. *
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