Diversity in Remote Organizations
I'm trying to collect perspectives on diversity and inclusion in remote/distributed companies. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to this informal survey.
What is the name of your organization?
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Could you describe the percentage of people at your organization who work remotely?
What is your organization's main challenge with respect to building diversity and inclusion?
For the diversity challenges you mentioned in the previous question, are there any specific efforts with respect to prospective or current employees who identify as
Are there other populations that your company is focusing on in its diversity efforts, not included in the above list?
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For recruitment, what unique approaches has your organization taken?
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What aspects of promoting inclusion for diverse employees have been challenging?
For recruiting individuals from underrepresented groups, what have been the most effective recruiting channels?
Are there specific practices you've instituted to create a more inclusive workplace?
Are there other thoughts you would like to share?
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