CDP Solutions Lab Survey Questionnaire
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is funding the Community Data Program Solutions Lab.
This initiative will help municipalities and community sector organizations find the best way to measure and respond to local housing and housing-related issues through relevant data, visualization and reporting tools.
1. Organization/Agency (please fill in the blank): *
1.1. If your organization includes multiple departments, please name your department:
2. The scale of Geographic Region served: *
select type from drop down list and fill in name
If Other, specify please:
3. The name of this Geographic Region is: *
e.g. City of Kingston, Region of Peel, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region
4. Sector *
Select all that apply
5. Are you currently involved in a different Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) National Housing Strategy Solutions Lab? *
This survey is intended for individuals working for organizations or departments of organizations with either a direct or indirect role in the housing field. Please respond to the questions below based on your role in your organization.
More than one person per organization is encouraged to fill out the survey.
6. How is your organization involved in resolving housing issues? *
Please check all that apply
Comments (Question 6):
7. Would you like to engage more in resolving housing issues in your community? *
Please select the answer that most applies.
Comments (Question 7):
8. Do you have the following capacity and resources to address housing issues?
Please select whether you have enough of the following.
Not enough
More than enough
Not applicable
Dedicated staff time
Skills and training
Data and information
Passion and commitment
Clear selection
Comments (Question 8):
9. What are your sources of data relating to housing issues, if any? *
Please select all that apply.
Comments (Question 9):
10. What are the housing topics about which you wish you had more data and information, especially at the neighbourhood level? *
Comments (Question 10):
11. How open to change is your community to resolving housing issues?
Please indicate where you agree or disagree with the following statements.
There is conversation around and interest in housing issues in our community
There is agreement on the nature of the housing issues in our community.
There is agreement on what needs to be done.
There are many voices committed to resolving housing issues.
Community efforts to resolve housing issues are fragmented.
Work to resolve housing issues is underway in our community.
Clear selection
Comments (Question 11):
12. What techniques for presenting evidence work best for your community?
Please select all techniques you currently use in the first column. Then check the techniques you think would be effective in future in the second column.
Techniques we currently use:
Additional techniques in future:
Personal stories from individuals and households
Hard facts that make a economic and social case for action
Critical statements, e.g. “everyone deserves a safe place to sleep”
Visuals such as photos and infographics
Solutions from experts and examples that worked elsewhere
Comments (Question 12):
13. What local sources of data can your organization contribute? *
Comments (Question 13):
14. The CDP team will be working on this project over the next two years. Are you interested in having us follow up with you on issues around local housing data? *
Please provide your contact information in the following questions.
15. Name:
16. Job title:
17. Email Address:
18. Phone Number:
This project is funded by the National Housing Strategy under the NHS Solutions Labs.
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