Global Startup Ecosystem: Careers
GSE’s mission is to educate, inspire, and prepare startup communities for the digital age via virtual accelerators. To make this a reality, we are constantly re imagining the vast possibilities that can occur in the virtual world. We are a place for bold creatives, conscious influencers and resilient entrepreneurs. Join us and help us build the startup ecosystem 2.0- virtual edition one initiative at a time.
Please send resume and cover letter to In subject line put ‘Career App: Name of Position’.
Open Career Positions (All Virtual Remote Positions)

EDR (Entrepreneur Digital Residence) - Remote program for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year
Community Ambassador Manager (EDR)
Community Content Manager (EDR)
Community Marketing Manager (EDR)
Business development Manager (EDR)

Part time/full time remote positions for 1-5 years
Executive Assistant to CEO/CMO- Admin
GSE Client coordinator/ manager (corporate innovation packages)
GSE Program coordinator/ manager (accelerator programs)
GSE Business Development coordinator/manager
GSE Partnerships and Sponsorships coordinator/manager
Community membership coordinator/ manager (customized accelerator programs)

Benefits and Perks
Unpaid program perks and training experience
Competitive Salary/Contract Offers for select positions
Flexible work hours; including online remote projects
Travel & Accommodation to key events and program in different cities around the world
Behind the scenes access to celebrities, government officials, and international influencers
Free access to all accelerator programs, events, boot camps, workshops and tours
Career development programs training on entrepreneurship
Career development program training on personal branding

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