NCDP Judicial Questionnaire
Republicans are attempting to rig North Carolina's independent judiciary by attacking our courts. In order to protect our state and all those who call it home, it is vital that we elect judges who will ensure our judiciary remains fair and impartial.

The content of this questionnaire is solely for the use of the nominating committee of the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Council for the purpose of endorsing a candidate for the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. It is not to be distributed nor copied to other parties.

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Legal Name:
Name on ballot:
Are you currently registered to vote as a Democrat? *
Date you registered: *
If you have been registered as a member of another political party, please provide the Party, date you switched, and why: *
Describe your participation in pro bono or public interest legal work: *
List all memberships in bar associations or law-related organizations in the last five years and any leadership positions held: *
List all clubs, groups, and organizations (other than bar associations or professional societies listed in your answer to the preceding question) of which you now are or have been a member within the last five years: *
Do you currently belong, or have you ever belonged to any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion? *
Have you held an appointive or elective public office, or have you been a candidate for elective office? If so, give details, including amount raised and the outcome of the race, excluding information regarding political affiliation: *
List any significant civic, educational or charitable activities, community agencies or social programs in which you have taken part in the last five years and, if you wish, prior to the last five years, giving dates and leadership positions held. Include all non-profit organizations with which you have been affiliated in the last five years as an officer, member, director or trustee. *
List any other honors or community activities that you believe may be relevant: *
Have you been convicted of violating any federal, state, county, or municipal law, regulation or ordinance (other than traffic violations for which a fine of $500 or less was imposed)? If so, give details. *
To the best of your knowledge, are you currently under investigation for any alleged violation of any law, regulation, or ordinance? If so, give details. *
Have you ever been a party to or been involved in any legal proceedings other than as counsel? If so, give details. Do not list proceedings in which you were a guardian ad litem, executor or administrator, but do include all bankruptcies and proceedings in which you were a party of interest, or any grand jury proceeding. *
Have you ever been disciplined for a breach of ethics or unprofessional conduct including sanctions required to be reported to the North Carolina State Bar by any court, administrative agency, bar association, disciplinary committee, or other professional group? If so, please give particulars. *
Has your membership to the North Carolina State Bar even been suspended or have you ever resigned, voluntarily or involuntarily? If so, please give particulars. *
Have you filed all state and federal tax returns in each year since you became a member of the Bar? If not, give reasons. *
Have federal or state authorities ever instituted a tax lien or other collection procedure against you? If so, give details. *
Is there any other information tending to reflect adversely on your personal or professional background or qualifications, or which you think might be interpreted so by others, which the Executive Council should be aware? *
Have you run for a judicial seat before? If so, please state when, the result, and any ratings you have received from any bar associations: *
Why are you seeking this position? *
List all organizations which have endorsed your candidacy: *
How much money do you plan to spend on this race? *
To date, who has been your largest contributor? *
What is your current cash on hand? *
Who would you identify as a role model for you in the legal community? *
How deferential should the courts be in reviewing the legality of actions taken by the legislature? *
If elected, is there any reason you would not be able to serve the entire term of office? *
You are invited to include any experience, attributes, or accomplishments which were not covered in this current questionnaire:
Please attach a current resume:
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