Library Feud Survey - PART 1
John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library is holding a “Library Feud” starting January 23, 2019. In order for us to do a proper Feud we require questions and answers. Therefore, these questions are going to be the ones used.
We are asking all our patrons to fill out all 4 parts of the Survey. Each survey is between 29 & 30 questions. The web addresses of each of the other surveys are at the bottom of this one. If you don’t want to fill out all 4 parts, then don’t.
If you don’t know an answer, or don’t want to answer, please use NONE.
1. What is your age? *
2. What gender do you identity with? *
3. What comes to mind: Fall *
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4. What are you usually grateful for on Thanksgiving? *
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5. What Thanksgiving dish does your family traditionally serve? *
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6. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? *
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7. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? *
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8. What is your favorite color? *
9. What is/was your favorite school subject? *
10. What is your favorite food? *
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11. Who is your favorite professional sports team? *
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12. What is your favorite Winter Olympic game? *
13. What is your favorite Summer Olympic game? *
14. If you could be any Marvel superhero, who would you be? *
15. If you could be any DC superhero, who would you be? *
16. If you could have a super power, what would it be? *
17. What is your favorite breed of dog? *
18. If you could be any land based animal, what would you be? *
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19. If you could be any air based animal, what would you be? *
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20. If you could be any sea creature, what would you be? *
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21. What is your favorite type of Music? *
22. What is your favorite Robin Williams movie? *
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23. If you could travel to outer space, what planet would you visit? *
24. If you could bring a Dinosaur back to life, which one would you resurrect? *
25. When I say Astronaut, who comes to mind? *
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26. How many people have gone to space since the beginning of the space program in the United States? *
27. Who Started the Space program? *
28. What Year did the Space program begin? *
29. What do you think of when you hear the word Christmas? *
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30. What is your favorite Christmas tradition? *
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