Registration Form (XVII Wildlife and Environment Quiz, 1 October 2019)
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School Team Composition (Team of Three Student)
The rules for the quiz are as follows:
1. Each school can send one team comprising of three members. The team can be formed by students belonging to class 9-11. At least one student in the team should belong to 9-10 standard and at least one student should belong to the opposite sex in the case of co-educational schools.
2. The preliminary round will be a written one and would have multiple type/ short answer questions covering various aspects of wildlife and environment conservation.
3. This final round would be audio visual one and will have various thematic sections with extensive multi-media use. All questions in the quiz will center around environment and wildlife.
4. Participating schools would make their own transport arrangements.
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For any query may be contact to: Dr. Lallianpuii Kawlni, Scientist, Wildlife Institute of India, Email:, Tel. 2646206 (Off.); Mob.: 8729862898; 2640 117 (Fax) and Dr. Vishnu Priya Kolipakam, Scientist, Wildlife Institute of India, Email:, Tel. 0135-2646203 (Off.); Mob.: 9837231207; 2640117 (Fax)
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