MHS Student Information
Parents/Guardians: Please review and complete the following information and submit prior to Mitchell High School's Back to School Day on August 7, 2019. Please note that all school policies, calendars, school announcements and additional information is available on the MHS website: or the Mitchell School District website:
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Authorization to Release Information
I authorize Mitchell School District #17-2 to release to the news media personal photographs and information as to accomplishments, achievements, and participation in all school related activities including, but in no way limited to, academics, athletics, clubs, debate, dramatics, honor societies, journalism, yearbook and music.The undersigned further authorizes release to post-secondary educational institutions and prospective employers of material including, but not necessarily limited to, identifying data, academic work completed, level of achievements (e.g. grades and standardized achievement test scores), psychological tests, interest, inventory results, health dates and teacher or counselor ratings as well as information relating to accomplishments, achievements and participation in all school related activities provided such materials and information is requested by a post-secondary educational institution or employer to whom application has been made by the individual hereinafter designated. *
MHS Laptop/Internet Use Agreement
The full K-12 Mitchell School District Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy 744/976 is available in the MHS office upon request or on the school district website:
If a parent/guardian chooses to not allow their student(s) to use the internet or the school's laptop, they should make arrangements with administration.
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Student Attendance
The full K-12 Mitchell High School Attendance Polity is available in the MHS office upon request or on and in the MHS Student Handbook.

A telephone call, note, or email from the parent(s) or guardian(s), prior to the absence, will be expected to explain the reason for the absence. If a student is absent from school and there has not been parental notification, the school will attempt to contact the parent or guardian to verify the absence. When a student is absent for medical appointments, please provide medical documentation for the appointment to reduce attendance to an exempt absence.

Please contact the school via note, phone: 995-3034, or email the Attendance Secretary.
Medication Policy
The MHS Office does NOT supply Ibuprofen, Tylenol or other medication for student use; however, students may carry their own for their use while at school. All medications must be in the original container and labeled with the student's name. Students will be allowed to self-administer prescription and non-prescription medications. Exceptions of this include: controlled substances, parental requests to have school staff store and administer medication, IEP of student specifies storage and administration of medication by school staff, or health services recommends that medication be stored and administered by school staff. An official consent form must be signed by a parent/guardian for medication to be administered by certified school staff. The Mitchell School District's Medication Administration Policy 1051 is available upon request or at:
School Cancellations
Sometimes school is cancelled due to South Dakota's weather. These cancellations can take the form of closing school entirely for the day, starting later than usual, or ending the school day earlier than usual. In all three cases, we announce changes in the school day of KORN, KQRN, KMIT, KOOL 98 and the KELOLAND closeline. We also send out announcements on the Mitchell School District app, which you may wish to download on your phone. We try to make all these announcements as early as possible. If school is called off during the day, your MHS student will be dismissed in the usual manner, we will not notify you by phone. If you desire that your child remain at school, you will need to notify the MHS office. If you as the parent believe that it is unsafe for your child to go to school because of weather conditions, a note or call to the school office will excuse the student's absence that day.
School Lunch Program Information
The Mitchell School District offers healthy meals every school day. Breakfast costs $2.00 for MHS students and Lunch costs $3.00 for MHS students. Your children may qualify for free meals or for reduced price meals. There are many different ways to qualify for free or reduced price meals. Eligibility information and guidelines as well as free or reduced meal applications are available in the MHS office and also available online at under Food Service. Yes, a new application does need to be completed EACH year. You only need to complete one per household and list all of your children in the home. Remember, if you have a change in income throughout the year, you may complete the application again. MealTime is a program also available on the website to track spending and add money to lunch accounts. If you have any questions about eligibility or anything else, please contact Leann Carmody, Food Service Director, at 995-7607 or
McKinney-Vento Act Student Information Survey
The folllowing questions are intended to address the McKinney-Vento Act. Your answers will help the administration determine residency documents necessary for enrollment of your student(s).
Where does your student stay at night? Please check one: *
If you checked A-G above, please list additional school age children living with you: (Name, Age, Grade)
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