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Farmers Needs Assessment
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This survey should not take more than 10 minutes. Please make sure you fill it out by Friday, March 10th at 5pm (the sooner, the better)!

The objective of this research is to study the needs and resources required to assist new entrant organic farmers in Southwest GA, Southeast Alabama, and Northwest Florida. Please complete this short survey to provide constructive feedback on your experience as a young/aspiring farmer.

This survey is a very important feedback tool to help 360 Farms & Winery develop stronger and more supportive resources for those pursuing a career in organic agriculture. We appreciate your honest thoughts and detail for these inquiries.

If you have any questions, simply contact me by emailing

Thank you for your time,

Zyon Hudley
360 Farmer Director
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Please state your city/town/place of residence:
Please indicate your age bracket:
Were you raised on a farm? 
Please indicate your amount of farming experience (defined as full-season farm experience, including apprenticeships, not just from owning/managing a farm): *
 Are you planning to farm or already farming?
What stage of farming are you at?
From 1 identified as the most important and 7 as the least important, please identify the type of resource(s) that you think are most important for training/supporting beginning farmers:
Farm Apprenticeships
Local Partnerships (i.e. Farmers' Markets, Local Food Networks/Organizations)
Incubator Farms
Events (i.e. Conferences, Workshops)
Land-Linking Programs
Non-Profit Training and Education
University and College Training and Education
From 1 identified as the most important and 8 as the least important, please identify the challenges that you think are the most significant for beginning farmers:
Lack of Capital
Land Access
Health Care/Insurance
Social Isolation
Access to Credit
Business Planning and Marketing Skills
Finding Profitable Markets
Education and Training
Any comments regarding your answer to Question 10?
What are your primary reasons for farming?
 Any further comments on your reasoning?
What do you produce or want to produce?
Please indicate your farming practices:
What are the top three areas that you wish to learn or improve on for your farm business?
Name 3 key areas
Which of the resources listed below would be most helpful to you, if we incorporated/increased them for SWGA Farm School programs?
Least Important
Less Important
Somewhat Important
More important
Most Important
Group consultation with guest speakers/farm specialist
One-on-one consultation with guest speaker/farm specialist
Guidebooks on specific agricultural topics/issues (i.e. rules and regulations; farm business planning)
Videos - farmer interviews on production practices and techniques
Webinars on production/marketing practices/ techniques
Kitchen-table meetings with fellow regionally-based farmers
What types of programs would you like to be invited to in the future? Check all that apply.
Finally, on a scale of 1 to 5, how aware are you of what SWGA Farm School (360 Farms) represents, functions as and offers as available resources for farmers? 1 being low awareness and 5 being a firm understanding of what SWGA Farm School is.
Any comments?
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