Youth in Rural Europe
FOR THE EUROPEAN RURAL PARLIAMENT - along-term campaign to express the voice of rural people in Europe; and to promote self-help and action by the rural people, in partnership with civil society and governments in 40 European countries.

Results of this survey will be presented in European Rural Youth Parliament in Latvia in August, 2017 and in the 3d European Rural Parliament in October 2017 in the Netherlands.

The aim is to collect data and case studies from all around the Europe to provide a picture of the state of rural youth across Europe. This campaign is lead by European Rural Community Alliance (ERCA), Finnish Village Movement (SYTY) and Latvian Rural Forum (LRF).

A. General data
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A 2. Gender *
A 3. Where are you based? Please state Country or Region *
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A 4. Nationality *
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A 5. Where do You live? *
A 6. How many people live in Your neighborhood?
B. Situation in your home-place
B 1. Can you get suitable education in ~50 km area? *
B 2. Is it easy to find a job near your home? *
Impossible, no jobs
Very good
B 3. Are there any organized regular activities for youth? *
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B 4. Do you know any official or person, whom to ask about free time activities and social issues? *
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B 5. Do you know any official or person, whom to ask support in case of question about education, career or creating new business in your home-place? *
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B 6. Will you start/continue your family life in the place you live now? *
B 7. Are many of your friends moving away from your neighborhood (town/village/rural area)? *
B 8. If your friends have decided to leave your area, WHERE do they move to? *
What are the main reasons, why they move?
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C. Rural area - the best place for living and working.
C 1. Identify, 3 things you enjoy the most in your village? *
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C 2. What do you miss in your village? *
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C 3. Please, share your idea, how to make life in your home better:
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