CEC14 School Reopening survey
Your Community Education Council for school district 14 would love to hear how school communities are being involved in the development of school reopening planing. The good ways, and the ways that could be better. Please give your experiences and thoughts in the survey.

We plan to compile and discuss with Superintendent Winnicki and district leadership because we feel it is important to make sure that parents are empowered and involved, and we would like to develop a district wide set of priority guidelines as we all figure out what reopening will look like at our schools.

Be sure to attend our next monthly CEC14 meeting on Thursday, July 9th, 6pm!

All survey responses will remain anonymous.

Please share this survey far and wide.
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What D14 schools do you work at / are your children attending? *
Are parents at your school being informed of, and involved in, their school's fall reopening planning process? *
Please elaborate how parents are being informed and involved, or not.
Have parent SLT members been invited to do a walk through to assess the building for capacity planning? *
Is your PTA or PA being involved in the process? *
How is your PTA or PA being engaged or involved in the process?
Has your school solicited or encouraged parent engagement or feedback? *
How has the school solicited (or neglected or barred) parent engagement? What channels of communication have been given to capture concerns, ideas, etc.? (community meetings, surveys, memos, etc.)
Do you feel confident that the school admins are considering parent needs and concerns in their planning process? *
Not confident at all
Very confident
What kinds of engagement and outreach would you like to see from your school regarding developing school reopening plans?
Any other general comments or concerns (do not have to be related to school reopening) that you'd like to let us know about?
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