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Thank you for your interest in starting an IxDA Local Group!

Have you checked to see if there is already a local group in your area? If not, you'll find the directory of current groups here: http://ixda.org/community/local-groups/

To start the group, all you have to do is simply raise your hand and say you want to start one, so the hard part is over. Starting a local group can be as involved or as light as you want it to be. Maybe its a few folks getting together once every few months as a social networking gathering, working on ideas and brainstorming together, or a large group of folks getting together once a month to discuss a topic or attend a presentation. You have the freedom to fit it to the needs of your area. The ultimate goal is to get interaction designers learning and sharing with each other!

Before you get started and we list your new group on the IxDA website we want to learn more about you and your vision for the new group. After we receive your application we will schedule a time to talk with you about your plans and to see if you have any questions.

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Every local group must have a home city, even if you are forming a group for a whole state, country or region.
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Your Plan
We want to know why you are interested in forming a local group, including your vision for the group and how it will fit in with your local UX community.
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Are others in your area interested in starting a local group as well?
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Are there similar groups in your area? *
Does a UPA, IAI and/or other UX groups already exist in your area?
If yes, how will your local IxDA group be different from these other groups?
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Next Steps
We are here to help you get your group going.

We will respond to your application within 48 hours to schedule a time to schedule a time to talk with you about your local group.

Please let us know when you typically have time to talk so we can schedule accordingly.

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