Elite Fitness Registration - COVID19
We are excited that you're coming to Elite Fitness IN PERSON!
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As far as I am aware, I have not recently been exposed to someone diagnosed with Covid-19, or had recent contact with someone who is self-isolating whilst waiting for a Covid-19 test result. *
NO KIDS are allowed at the gym any time. *
I agree to the following: I understand that if I'm over 60, have diabetes or high blood pressure, I am at high risk. I agree to adhere to the face-mask requirements . I agree to sanitising regulations, cleaning of gym equipment once done with use of such, and social distancing practices stipulated by the Health Department of South Africa. *
You will only be required to complete this form once. You need to privately arrange with Frans what days and times you would like to attend fitness. This form is just for COVID19 health purposes, NOT for booking days and times. If any of your details submitted in this form changes, you are required to inform us as soon as possible. *
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