Mount the Count! 6/4 - Registration Form
Mount the Count!: The 2020 Census's Importance to the LGBTQ+ API Community

The Census is a survey that happens every year that counts everyone living in the US in order to determine funding for social services and political represenation. However, communities, like the LGBTQ+ API community, are undercounted due to reasons, such as inclusitivity and accessibility of the Census. So why does it still matter to get counted as a community?

Come together to learn why it's important to get the LGBTQ+ Asian Pacific Islander Community counted for the 2020 Census and come together as a community through some fun activities! Queer the Census!

In this virtual event, we'll have the following activities in this order:
- a short Census 101 for LGBTQ+ API communities
- a panel discussion about the 2020 Census from the perpsectives of 3 LGBTQ+ API community members who are deeply knowledgeable about the census hosted by Miss Shu Mai
- a trivia game covering LGBTQ+ API history and fun facts hosted by Miss Shu Mai
- a raffle with 3 potential prize winners announced throughout the whole event

Julie Le, 2020 Census Statewide Program Coordinator, Asians Americans Advancing Justice-LA

Tweetie Fatuesi, Community Organizer, United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance-Seattle

Eric Wat, Commuity Researcher and Author

Miss Shu Mai, Drag Performer & Community Activist

Date: Thursday, June 4th, 2020
Time: 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM PST
Location: Zoom (rsvp for the details)

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