Chemistry Peer Mentor Application
Please complete this application to be considered for a Chemistry Peer Mentor (PM) position for the Fall 2019 semester.


The primary role of the PM is to help support the classroom learning environment during class in Dr. Shadle's CHEM 111 course. Thus, the most important role for the PM is to attend each class and be prepared to facilitate the day’s activity for the students.

PMs attend a weekly meeting (time TBD) where they review what is happening in class, address any issues, and discuss the activities for the week coming up. Peer Mentoring can be taken for credit or done on a volunteer-basis

Functionally, the class is divided into “neighborhoods” of ~20 students and each PM is assigned to a neighborhood. PMs are expected to make an effort to get to know the students in their “neighborhood” (e.g., student names, and strengths and weaknesses in the course). PMs will also help with some aspects of the administrative duties (e.g., collecting or distributing materials in class, proctoring exams, light grading).

Later this spring and/or just before classes begin (depending on schedules), there will be an “orientation meeting” with all PMs to prepare for the new semester.

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