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If you are submitting a new name, please fill out the entire form (skipping the UPDATE question). If updating an existing name, just fill out the name and the UPDATE question with the information you'd like for us to update.

The Database will be updated on a regular (usually weekly if not sooner) basis. If you see anything on the database that should be changed, please let us know at

*NOTE #1: As the intention for _this_ database is to diversify programming and repertoire in regard to women composers and composers of color, we will only be adding male composers who are not white (generally this means men from the U.S., Canada, & Europe). It is understood that the act of denying access to anyone in some way flies in the face of the broad concept of inclusion, but in order to make this endeavor intentionally focused on diversity in programming, we have decided to go in this direction. Thank you for your understanding.

*NOTE #2: LGBTQIA+ Composers—we are building a separate database for composers in this group that will include all gender identification irrespective of racial, ethnic, or cultural background. Here's the link to that submission form:

The database (as it currently exists) can be found here:

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