NAVIGATE Presentations Available (sign-up)
Given the current environment in the US and Minnesota, we want to make sure our families are feeling safe and have the latest information and updated about what is happening around immigration enforcement, their rights and how to take action. Topics available:
- Election analysis
- Mn Dream Act
- Strategies to navigate the education system as it is
- Movement building, direct action and system change organizing
- Know your rights
- What is happening around immigration laws

Sign up below and we will reach back to finalize details.

**Many of our legal support and immigration law workshops are done in partnership with Immigrant Law Center and De Leon and Nestor Attorneys at Law

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NAVIGATE is a grassroots non-profit organization. Given the limited sources of funding for our type of work we rely on your support to keep our doors open. For agencies with a budget of <$100,000 we provide a sliding scale fee. Is your organization's operational budget over $100,000?
"Everything we need to win is already within our communities"
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