Pollinator Pathway East Lyme Pledge
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I pledge to support and protect native pollinators and birds by:

-  Reducing my lawn and creating garden beds with native plants (perennials, shrubs and trees).
-  Choosing a mixture of native plants for spring, summer and autumn nectar and pollen in containers, garden beds or meadows; choosing native plants that will provide berries for birds in winter.

-  Providing a clean water source- shallow bowl with stones, fountain or birdbath.Understanding that foliage damage is expected. Native insects have co-evolved with native plant species for food and habitat needs. Chewed leaves means you are creating a native ecosystem! You’ve achieved your goal!

-  Refraining from pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, treated mulch and synthetic fertilizers.  Practice composting and organic pest management.

-  Leaving some leaves and refraining from deadheading perennials on my property in autumn to provide shelter and food for pollinators and birds.

-  Having garden cleanup in the spring to allow for pollinators and adult butterflies to have shelter throughout the winter. Many native insects overwinter in the hollow stems of perennials and leaf mulch. When temperatures reach 50 degrees for several days in spring it is safe to clean up.
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