Technology Purchase Evaluation
The purpose of this form is to guarantee the items requested will function with YOUR existing hardware/software/network. The Tech Team must evaluate your requests prior to purchasing.
Tech will reply with an email which you need to PRINT AND ATTACH TO YOUR REQUISITION.
Your order will NOT be processed if the approval email is not attached.
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Example: Hardware Model = Dell Inspiron 3458, MacBook Pro etc. / Software Title = Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.
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Will you be using any special software on your new equipment? ie: Google classroom, Java, Office Suite (Word, Excel etc) specific curriculum programs, Internet only
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If you are purchasing software, on which device and in what room # will you be installing it?
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Hardware Installation
If you are purchasing hardware, in what room # will you be installing it?
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Will you need training on your purchase? *The District may or may not provide training*
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