AMSAAC 2019 Singapore Registration Form
We will have 3 (and a bit more) days in the sun! Amongst good people, eating good food, challenging our being, and relaxing our minds. Please fill this form up for your next step into The Singapore Experience!!
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Rates of the Events
Dinner and meeting 4th July : USD10
Full event 5th-7th July USD 290
For non-AMSAAC member USD320

Hotel ( Hilton Garden Inn ) -- (Check in 4th July , check out at 7th July)
- own room USD300
- sharing USD150

If timing is really tight and you can make it to one event, please come to our AMSAAC Reunion Dinner on the 5th of July. The price is USD100 .

If you are keen to donate to our lovely organisation, you can indicate your donation in the payment. We have cute tokens of gratitude for donations received!

For other than the above, please contact

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