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ST MARY AXE - LIME STREET - Option 1 - Widening footways and raised carriageway, Increase in greenery
ST MARY AXE - LIME STREET– Option 2 - Widening footways, Timed vehicular closure during peak times, Increase in greenery
LEADENHALL STREET - option 1 - Reduction of carriageway to provide more space for pedestrians
LEADENHALL STREET - option 2 - Reduction of carriageway to provide more space for pedestrians, Pedestrian priority at peak times
WHITTINGTON AVENUE - Introduction of high quality pedestrian link to Leadenhall Market.
BISHOPSGATE - CAMOMILE STREET - Implementation of new diagonal crossing, Footway widening
BISHOPSGATE - THREADNEEDLE STREET - Improved crossing and introduce greenery, Footway widening
GREAT ST. HELEN'S LINK - Create new more direct pedestrian crossing, Pedestrian priority at peak times and improve setting of historic Church
HOUNDSDITCH - Jubilee Gardens - Improved pedestrian crossing points and widening footways, Greenery enhancements, Improvements to Jubilee Gardens
BURY STREET - Enhance street environment, planting, and seating, Improve pedestrian east-west route
CREECHURCH LANE AREA - Create a high-quality street environment, in the historic lanes.
EXPERIENCE THE CITY INITIATIVES - Delivery of a curated programme of cultural events and activities across the area.
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5. Is there enough greenery in the area? *
6. Do you support the following options to improve greenery and planting in the area? *
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Temporary greening in the form of planting and urban gardens.
Additional street trees
New landscaped spaces
Green roofs and green walls.
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7. What would contribute to a better experience in using the City Streets and public spaces? *
8. What types of activities would you be interested in for a curated programme of events in the area? *
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A. Music
B. Film
C. Art Installations
D. Theatre/performance
E. Talks and tours
F. Urban gardens
G. Food and street markets
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9. What time of day and week would you like to see these events happening? *
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10. Do you think the Eastern City Cluster needs a new name more appropriate for a destination? *
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