Lendbtc Token Request

To add a new token you need to fill out the form below and make every details clear
The exchange will have a free listing strategy with quality certify listing,
No fee but only quality and promising projects will be listed.
Everyone legitimate projects deserve to have a chance in crypto.
Every project will have to work hard to continue to be listed,
there will be a delisting process after 3 or 6 month
Our listing fee is free but we charge $200 ( btc/eth) for the moment for implementation if your project is approved.
Note: We accept only ERC20 Token with a successful ICO no airdrop token will be listed.

Promotion package:
We have two promotional package for email marketing and airdrop.

1. Email marketing -
Through email marketing we can promote your listing by sending email to all our subscribers list of traders about 27000 traders.
2. Airdrop - Our airdrop is in two stage.
A. paid airdrop - we will help you to airdrop to our community but we will charge you for implementation and gas fees to
airdrop it to our members but it all the depend on how many we are airdropping.
B. Recommended airdrop - We recommend you send airdrop to your community to promote your listing.

Note: This promotion package is optional.

Listing Rule:
– Listing fee is free but every projects will have to promote their listing in their community
– The exchange might subject the token admin to airdrop to our community
and their community as a way to promote their token.
– The listing approach will be base on how we value the project.
– The request can be declined if we don’t like your coin/token,
– The quality of the project and the strong team behind it can subject us to list it
even without strong community because what matters to us is to introduce interesting projects to our community.
– Any Token with unlimited supply or useless supply that is not necessary should not border to apply.

Delisting Rules.
– Any token with low volume after 6 months will be delisted
– Any Token without any tangible products according to their White Paper will be delisted after one year.
– Any Token without a products after one year will be delisted not matter the volume unless otherwise.

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