FREAKSERVER presents: "SPACE JAM" end-of-event survey
Thank you so much for taking part in this survey! We really hope you enjoyed the event, and we'd love to have your feedback on how things were handled during the event, as well as how we can change things like this in the future.

We also wanted to ask some questions about the general health of the server and maybe some things we wanna do moving forward. Most questions will have a section to explain your answer, so if your answer is "No, but..." then please fill out that other section!

After completing this survey, please make sure to add your Steam Community ID (url works best!) so you get a chance to get a SPACE JAM themed Photo Badge! (while supplies last lol)
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Okay first, what's your name/in-game username? You don't gotta answer this one, no worries.
Did you get a chance to play on FREAKSERVER during the SPACE JAM event? *
If "No", would you mind letting us know why?
On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your enjoyment of the SPACE JAM event? *
Anything to add about your experience?
Were you running into any issues during the Space Jam event? EX: Joining while the server was full, misunderstanding event goals, playing on wacky_races, etc. If so, why? You can just say "N/A" or something if you were all good.
Did you enjoy the concept of the Cosmetic Giveaways during the event? *
How'd you feel about those, by the way? Did you think the cosmetics were lame, or the rush to get them made you dissuaded in playing the rest of the event? Did you find the mystery of getting some of the cosmetics fun? Was it exciting playing Market Gardner all weekend? Was it infuriating playing against Market Gardners all weekend? Please let us know how you felt!
Was it neat having a new custom map added to the server as a focus to the event? *
Alright, now how'd you feel about ctf_hoops?
Do you think events like this would be fun to do in the future? *
Really? Do go on!
Alright, last question about the event, then we can get into the nitty-gritty. How did you feel about the new SaySounds?
Clear selection
Oh yeah? Why?
Okee doke, now you can infodump! Tell us anything else you wanted to let us know about the event in general! If you have anything to say about the server in specific, we'll have a place to do that over in the next section.
Thank you! Let's move on to some questions about the server!
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