National Events Council - Decision Makers - Non Business Owners
The National Events Council is an organization providing advocacy, research, awareness, and support to BIPOC Business Professionals operating within the event industry. To enhance and strengthen this position, as well as expand the depth, we are committed to ensuring the BIPOC Community has an equal playing field. National Events Council aim is to reduce invisible minority groups from being left unseen for opportunities they are qualified for to one that is visible and prominent in the event industry.

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1) How many years of industry experience do you have? *
2) In the past 6 months, have you hired or recommended a minority owned business or individual? *
3) How important is a college degree to do what you do? *
4) Do you believe the event industry has diversity standards? *
5) The company I work for has publicly stated they will support equality, but has not implemented any action. *
No action
Fully executed
6) I feel comfortable talking about my background cultural experiences with my colleagues and boss? *
Not at all
Most definately
7) How much do you make annually (not considering the pandemic)? *
8) Please select all that's applicable to you from the following. *
9) If other please specify below (please use N/A if this does not apply) *
10) Please select your race *
10a) If you selected Other please specify below (please use N/A if this does not apply) *
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