Navigating College, The Jain Way
Thank you for your interest in this first part of a three part webinar series hosted by Young Jain Professionals. Please complete the below form so we we can have a more accurate picture of the audience and prepare our speakers accordingly.

This webinar is specifically for those who are 16-19 years old.
Top Three Take Aways
1. Distinguish between "Fitting in" and "Belonging" and finding your tribe.
2. Overcoming challenging situations in college, gracefully.
3. Developing strategies to come from one's values while feeling included by others.

This will be an interactive webinar with discussions and Q&A where participants can speak freely, engage in meaningful dialogue and hopefully walk away with new openings for action.
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About the Speakers
Sonali Vakharia is an Inpatient Hospital Pharmacist from MI. She is very passionate about teaching kids how to balance Eastern and Western values at the Detroit Sangh and has also written a book to assist Jain students with their transition from high school to college. Her mission is to help students enhance their personal growth and value systems by teaching them how to balance these conflicting cultural pressures. Sonali enjoys meditation, travel, and yoga, and is always down for a good laugh.

Umang Patel is a San Francisco-based startup founder and DJ. He started his first company at age 14 and has since launched products to help people collect payments (PayTango), manage their finances (Stable), and plan events (Cloverbook). Umang has traveled to over 15 states to DJ events for his entertainment company (Masala Entertainment). The teachings of Jainism have played an important role in helping him make tough decisions and navigate the ups and downs of life as an entrepreneur and DJ.
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