The following survey was created as a part of a project which aims to create a web series. We invite you to answer the following questions as seriously as possible.

Your answers will be processed for statistical purposes to improve our project.

Thank you for your help.
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1. What do you do for a living?
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2. Generally, how do you entertain yourself?
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3. Do you play videogames (on a smartphone, tablet, PC, console …)?
4. Do devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones play an important role in your entertainment routine?
1 = Not important at all
5 = Very important
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5. Among these devices, which ones do you possess?
6. Have you ever watched a web series on Youtube, Vemeo, … ?
7. If you answered Yes, tell us which one.
8. Do you possess a VOD subscription (Netflix, OCS, Canal Play…)?
9. What kind(s) of series do you like the most ?
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10. Do you regularly consume products related to the culture of fantasy worlds / science fiction / fantasy (cinema, comics, TV series, manga, novels and role plays) ?
11. How often do you watch series ?
12. According to you, why do VOD series (Netflix, OCS, Canal Play, etc.) work so well ?
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