Google Launchpad Week
Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Google Launchpad Week in Munich, taking place at Werk1 from Monday, 11th April to Friday, 15th April. You can apply here until the 06th of March.

Google Launchpad is a one-week boot camp for early stage startups focusing on critical startup topics: product strategy and business development, user experience and user interface, technology, marketing and presentation skills. The goal is to achieve rapid progress in a very short time.

What makes it so special? You'll have intensive 1:1 mentorship sessions with top-mentors, which are dedicated to help you with your startup, exactly with the challenges you have right now. Also, this is no competition to the accelerator/ incubator program you might be in right now, just an addition with benefit for your startup.

Some impressions of our first Google Launchpad Berlin are in this video:

Google Launchpad Week is designed to achieve an amazing amount of progress in a very short amount of time. Worldwide feedback shows this is only possible, if your team can take actions and make decisions on the spot.

Startup Requirements:
1. You are a fully committed founding team (at least two roles: CEO and CTO or CMO) - does not need to be the full startup team, but you need to be able to make decisions
2. Your team is present for the whole 5 days
Be prepared
Also: Launchpad Week is different! This is no classic accelerator program. If you want to get out most of it, be prepared to:

1. be open (accept that you might need to change parts of your idea)
2. make decisions and be active (if we discover a white space, we'll ask to fill the gap right away)
3. know your customers (this will be crucial to the success of your startup)
4. rely on data (if you haven't done that, we will test your hypothesis and prove its validity through data - not assumptions)

Overall: Be prepared that we'll ask you tough questions, but their are in your best interest, as we want to bring you to the next stage.

Questions: reach out to Ilja Klemm ( or Katharina Lindenthal (

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Please note: We will use the provided information in the process of evaluating if your startup is a fit for Google Launchpad. Further on, this information is used within a briefing document for mentors. Also we might publish your startup's name, website, and other details on the upcoming Launchpad website. We will not publish any business critical or not already publicly available data.
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