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WHY REGISTERED? = we are banned from social media
Recently, sexy videos are increasingly getting banned from all of your favorite social medias: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.. "Too provocative, too sexual or too perverts..."

RESULT: no real media remains active, giving you less access to "those" kind of videos!!!...
(only us are crazy enough to fight and to bring you daily content with no money back for 1 full year!).

PRIVATE TV: our next project!
NEW VIDEO SERVICE: NO PORN, but CUTE INNOCENT GIRLS who like doing creative and provocative things!

It is our passion, we want to build this reality: a place that won't be restricted by annoying "community standards". We will launch a new video service, where you can access suggestive, cute and private videos without being limited or banned by "community guidelines".

~ We've been banned, censored, shut down several times from YouTube and Facebook! ~
Unfortunately, GOOMI and KPOP SEXY COVER are obligated to be self censored for self preservation. But now we need to become independent to offer you better and far more sexy and exclusive videos!
Are You Into Kpop Girls or Cute Asian Idols? You want them to tease you without restrictions?
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We will keep in touch with you to let you know how the project is growing. We need your support, we can not make it without you!

Thank you (^_^)/

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