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Write sentences with the verb to be
( his children / at school / ?)
(Joey and I / not married)
(your mother / at home / ?)
Put the verb into the correct present simple form (positive, negative or interrogative)
Where _____ you _____ ? (live)
What time _____ James _____ ? (wake up)
I _____ like my job. It's very boring. (like)
Complete the questions. Use: Who - What - When - Where or How.
_____ are you? I'm Jessie's brother.
_____ is Brad from? He's from Canada.
Excuse me, could you tell me _____ is the time?
Put the verb in the correct past simple form: positive, negative or interrogative.
Tim _____ some new clothes today: four t-shirts and a jacket. (buy)
"_____ yesterday?" "No, it was a very nice day". (rain)
It _____ very hot, so I _____ the window. (be, open)
Put the verb in the present continuous (I am doing) or the present simple (I do):
Excuse me, _____ speak Enhlish?
Sandra _____ tired. _____ to go home now. (she/want)
What _____ (you/do) _____ ? (I/study)
Put the verb in the correct tense:
She _____ never ____ Leonardo Di Caprio. (have/see)
_____ you ever _____ to Morocco? (be)
We _____ to Portugal next week. We already got our tickets. (go)
I _____ to wait two hours for the bus yesterday. (have to)
Jim _____ angry if you _____ him the truth. (be, not tell)
Write a model verb: will / must / should (positive or negative)
Don't worry. It _____ rain. I'm sure.
You _____ smoke in the cinema.
Policeman _____ wear an uniform.
Complete the sentences with the corect form of the verbs. Past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing)
While I _____ (watch) TV, the telephone _____ (ring).
When the teacher _____ (come) into the room, everyone _____ (talk) about their holidays.
While Melanie ____ (start) his car, it _____ (start) to rain.
Rewrite the sentences. Use the present simple passive.
They cut down millions of trees every year.
People never invite me to parties.
Rewrite the sentences using the past simple passive.
Somebody stole my car last week.
They didn't invite me to the party.
Choose the correct form.
"I don't understand this exercise". "Don't worry _____ .
Clear selection
What _____ during the summer holidays?
Clear selection
Wow! Look at that! John _____ the race easily.
Clear selection
You _____ forget our grandmother's birthday.
Clear selection
Complete with the correct verb form.
What _____ (you/do) if you _____ (win) one million Euro?
When I ____ (get) to the station, the train _____ already _____ (leave).
David _____ (not have) a stomachache if he _____ (eat) so much cake.
Put the verb in the correct form.
If only somebody _____ (tell) him not to drink and drive. He would be alive now!
I wish you _____ (be) here. I miss you!
I can't stand _____ (get up) early.
Write about your last holiday.
Where did you go? When did you go? Who did you go with? Why do you recommend it? What did you do? How long were you there?
Write a little bit about yourself.
What do you like doing in your spare time? What's your occupation? Why do you want to study English?
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