Advertising order - short form
This short form collects most if not all information needed to place an ad on Local4All Placemats in any generic version of placemat (6+ areas to choose from) to specific restaurants if and when we print a special placemat for them. Examples: Garda's in the Ford City area, RockaFellas Sports Bar in Sarver, ACMH Snack Bar in West Hills Kittanning, Roxy's Diner in Prospect, etc. Each "special issue" is 10,000 and priced at $119 or you can buy a double ad for $198. Answer the questions below and, if you want, call one of our salespersons to guide you through a few basic choices.
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What areas are we including? (AKAP, AKLV,Butler,Kitt+FC, NKLB, SEBCo)
You can find a list of maps on our Home Page.
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