Questionnaire for Parents
Purpose: This questionnaire is solely for research purpose and meant for creating a basic understanding of impact of concurrent pandemic on children parents and education system and would take just few minutes for providing response (identity will be kept anonymous)
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If closure of schools are only solution for minimizing the impact of COVID 19 ? *
AS a parent you are satisfy by the decision taken by government ? *
If you find online education appropriate for learning of students ? *
If school authority is able to provide online education as needed ? *
Online education and lockdown is affecting mental ability of children adversely ? *
Technically you or your child is able to manage the virtual mode of teaching ? *
Children are not very attentive to online mode of education ? *
Government much come up with action plan for reopening of schools ? *
You will send your child to school if it get reopened in near future ? *
If this mode of education would hamper future of the children ? *
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